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About Our Journey

Horizon's Edge Winery was purchased by David Padgett in early January 1999. Purchased from Tom Campbell as a previously established winery, David went through a rigorous year long mentorship. By April 1st 1999, the tasting room was open for business! Mr. Campbell stayed on for another 3 years mentoring and guiding before moving on to his own adventures. Since then, owner and winemaker David Padgett, and his entrepreneur wife Lisa Padgett have created a winery to be proud of. Nestled in an 18-acre vineyard planted in the early 80's this small family owned winery is a great place to come view the winemaking experience. Surrounded by heavy winemaking machinery, you can see where all the magic happens.   David is especially proud of his port style wines, which are his specialties. If you aren't into ports, we have a wide variety of red and white wines available as well. In the past twenty years, David Padgett has been recognized as one of the top winemakers within Washington. 

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